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Here's a picture to whet your appetite:

The photo was taken by photographer Sohaib Majeed who is the Managing Director of swatchmovies, and this was his first time shooting for swatchmovies. "I was very impressed uae girls by this photo of swatchmovies." He says.

He had been in Pakistan when he took the photo. Majeed says the first question people would ask him was "Why you are shooting a photograph of Pakistanis at the border when you have Pakistani Muslims living in India?"

After his first photograph of people crossing over the border, he did a number of follow up photographs and the picture is one he would never take again. He said he could do no other thing but capture the story and the feeling of crossing the border as if it was the last time. Majeed took the photograph at a point that makes no sense from a geographical perspective. He said it took him a day to get the photograph. "In a way the border was a piece of my childhood and I am happy I got this photograph of Pakistanis at the border."

Majeed also took photographs at sweedish men the Kargil war memorial in Kashmir and the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj statue in Mumbai. He said he found many people from the world's top countries in India and Pakistan and it seemed like the world was on the verge of a war. "I didn't want to film people in an environment that might cause discomfort. I didn't want to show that I am showing them in a bad light." He said his film muslims marriage has been banned by some religious groups. "I am not ashamed to be a Muslim or an Indian." He was a filmmaker for two years in the US and Europe. He said when he saw people with their cameras in India and Pakistan and they were "proud of their country" and they wanted to film, that was his reaction.

For the complete list of Majeed's films and movies visit our page on films and TV shows, he can be reached on his website or on his facebook page.

What is vivastreet pakistani Swatch Movie? Swatch Movie is a film directed by Majeed. It was filmed on a low budget. His films had to be shot in India or Pakistan. "We had to shoot in Lahore and Pindu, but we didn't need to. My film was made for people from my country," Majeed said. This is not the first time that Majeed's films have been shot in India. In fact, he also filmed in Mumbai, and is going to shoot some more films in this country. The first film, "Kasbaar", was shot in Lahore. Majeed's second film, "Najajar", will be shot in Pune. It is one of sex dating bristol his most personal films, as Majeed has become an actor out of the public eye. Majeed has been seen in films, TV series, music videos and his own movie indian matrimonial sites in canada in the last few years. In a recent interview with NDTV, Majeed said, "I've always been a film buff. In the 90s, I would do a lot of films in Lahore. I was there. In the 20 years after, I haven't been anywhere near a movie set. I've always enjoyed being around people, but in the last 10 years, I just don't have the time. I have to work more than ever. I have to pay the bills. I feel like a failure.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali has been very outspoken in her criticism of the religion she once so fervently embraced. In a video she made with the hashtag #FreeAyaan, she says, "To me, Islam is an ideology of violence, hatred, intolerance. If you want to kill Muslims, kill them." (h/t The Daily Dot ) In another video, she talks about how her own mother was not raised as a devout Muslim, and how she learned about Islam through her parents' interactions with Muslim leaders in the United States. "My father was not a good Muslim, and he taught me Islam in a way that I was not taught it in other parts of my life, when I was a child." She also says that she has had a Muslim family member for the past three years and was raised with them. She is married, but was not raised with a Muslim spouse, so her own family background does not have any kind of religious background or religious identity. Her parents, in fact, both attended the same school. She believes that all people, whether Christian or Muslim, are created equal under God. (h/t Huffington Post) Ayaan Hirsi Ali on the "Tolerance" of her family's upbringing in Indonesia. She describes her parents' upbringing as being one where "it is not acceptable to criticize anyone." She was raised in an environment where it was not acceptable to criticise anyone, and she herself is one of the few people to speak out against Islamism and its violence. "The Islamic faith has nothing to do with tolerance," she says. She was educated and brought up in a conservative and religious household, but this was to her benefit. She became an activist in the late 1960's and early 1970's, when she was studying medicine in the UK. "My parents never had much in the way of education for their children, so my younger brother and sister were educated by their grandmother. My grandparents were very conservative and religious. And my grandmother wanted me to be a doctor – because it was the only thing she knew. But she didn't believe in the Quran – I remember my grandmother saying, 'The Qur'an is just like the Bible and the Talmud.'"

She studied Arabic and then went to study for the BSc in chemistry at the University of Edinburgh. She joined the National Union of Students in 1970. She later took up medicine, but decided to switch edmonton muslim to politics when she joined Labour in 19

She now lives in south London.