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swedish muslim

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Swedish muslims have long been a part of European culture and there are many reasons for that. As we see, the cultural integration of muslims into Europe was due to their willingness to assimilate and adopt European practices. And of course, this had some positive consequences for Sweden as the country now has more muslims than ever before.

Today in Sweden, muslims are the second largest minority and are responsible for a considerable portion of the population. In addition, they are well represented in political, business, and sports leadership, which have allowed them to form a majority in many political and cultural spheres. Swedish muslims are the largest group of muslims in Sweden. In fact, it's estimated that at least 1.5 million muslims are living in Sweden today, compared to the 800,000 members of the Swedish diaspora.

Sweden was a safe haven for muslims during the First World War. Swedish Jews, who were not allowed to leave the country after the war, were able to return to their homeland and integrate into their host culture. But the war and the subsequent immigration of millions of non-muslims left many Swedish-born Jews feeling indian matrimonial sites in canada isolated from their community, particularly in the aftermath of Kristallnacht, the night of November 9, 1938, when 1.5 million people stormed a Jewish synagogue in Stockholm, murdering at least four Jews and vivastreet pakistani burning down eight synagogues.

After the war, Swedish muslims faced increased persecution. While the majority of Sweden's muslims are conservative and pious, some are anti-establishment, and some may have come from other countries, like Albania, Ethiopia, and Pakistan. Most Swedes don't believe that the violence perpetrated against muslims in the uae girls 1980s was the result of prejudice against their religion. In fact, the violence was largely driven by right-wing extremist political movements in Sweden, who called the muslims "dirty pigs" and "infidels," and who threatened to take their jobs and force them to convert to Christianity. In this environment, it is impossible sweedish men for a muslim to be seen as a religious minority. Swedish muslims have been subject to harassment and violence on many occasions. In 1997, for example, there was an Islamic terrorist attack on a Swedish radio station which left one person dead, but it has since been called the worst attack in Swedish history. A muslim named Rakhmat Akilov, who had converted to Christianity, opened fire on a Stockholm police station and an ice-cream shop, killing eight people and injuring 15 more. After his arrest, Akilov confessed that he had committed the attack because the muslims "in Sweden were taking our jobs," and because "Muslims are ruining our country and we don't want to be in a situation where the muslims take all our jobs." According to some reports, Akilov said that he would never have carried out such a crime if he had not been influenced by his hatred of Muslims. Akilov was sentenced to eight years in prison.

Another of the worst attacks on muslims happened in November of 1997. After four days of clashes between Muslims and the police in Västerås, a group of Muslims set fire to the police station. It was believed that the fire started in a riot police car. In that incident, three police officers were killed and eight were injured. This was the second time in a week that a mosque was set on fire, and it was the first attack on a mosque in Sweden. In 1999, in Gothenburg, a woman who called herself a "concerned Muslim" tried to burn down a mosque. The police had to be called in after the fire was started, and the police arrested a man who had tried to set the fire. In the same year, in Malmo, a mosque was attacked in the middle of the night and set ablaze. The incident has been called the "most horrific mosque attack" in Swedish history. On the night of June 3rd, 2000, in the Swedish city of Malmo, a Muslim man walked into a mosque and tried to convert the female members, with the intention of committing a violent crime. He was stopped by the police and shot by a soldier. He was found edmonton muslim to have a gun. After the shooting, police arrested the man. He later claimed muslims marriage that he thought he was shooting a police officer. The muslim man was not a member of any mosque. He had no personal or political agenda. He was just a peaceful muslim who happened to cross paths with a soldier.

Swedish Muslims in the military, you are my favorite. Posted by: Jens Kainz | September 16, 2013, 5:08 pm 5:08 pm

We are proud of our soldiers for risking their lives to defend our nation. A soldier who wants to join the muslim community, does not have to come to Sweden in order to do so. We welcome every member of our military and we have always been supportive of them.

Sweden has a history of accepting migrants. We are not a Muslim country. But we have accepted the immigrants that have come from the Middle East. In a way, they are our neighbors. There are several problems with the muslims. Their religion has no place in our society. There is no place for the Quran. I believe that muslims are more like Jews, because they are not believers in a god. They are not true believers. When they come, they will sex dating bristol destroy the system.

It is really a sad thing when you think about it. Islam is really the devil, and muslims are very evil. This article is about swedish muslim. If you ever wanted to find out more about dating muslims from around the world, this is for you. There is no way in hell that muslim will become a majority in this country, it just will not happen. In fact, they will only go up from here.