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"A lot of things are happening. We've had a lot of events happening for a long time. The war in Syria, the violence in Iraq, the refugee crisis, the attacks in Paris and Brussels, the edmonton muslim rise of Islamism and the attacks on our embassies in Egypt, Libya and Yemen – all these things and many more were happening and they were all making us afraid and many people are afraid. But there's one thing we're not afraid of: our children. We will always be the majority and I don't have any doubt about that." And now we come to the point that has become a big problem, but has been hidden in plain sight all this time. "It's a problem of our time. This generation of Muslims, the youth, have been raised in the Western way muslims marriage of life – in a Western society with a modern infrastructure and media," he adds. "It's an extremely westernized world and we have all these rules about being polite, being a good Muslim and being tolerant of other religions, even though we all share the same faith." Now I'm no expert, but is this what Islam is supposed to be all about? Is it supposed to be a religion of peace, where we stand together against all forms of violence, racism and oppression? What if that was not what it really was? "The Western media tells us that in the Middle East there's no longer a war but a religious war," he says, referring to the fact that the media is telling people who come from Muslim countries that their religion is not violent but it's not violent at all. "So what does this mean? Well, it means that we Muslims should be peaceful, tolerant, tolerant. And, I think that it's not only Islam that's tolerant. It's also a secular religion. The problem is not just in the Middle East, in Europe and America. It's everywhere." There are two main reasons for this, he says, pointing out that one is that Muslims in many Muslim countries, particularly those of the Arab countries, have indian matrimonial sites in canada no freedom of expression and are even persecuted when they try to express themselves. "In our own countries there are many religious minorities, minorities who are discriminated against. And they need the Western media to tell them that there are more of them and that's not what is happening." He says Muslims should have no problems with secularism or democracy. "In most Western democracies there are no laws against the wearing of the veil and that's the issue that's most important for Muslims. The veil is a symbol of the oppression of women. It's also a symbol of oppression. For me, it's the greatest symbol of oppression." The second reason is that, like his mother, he believes that there is no problem with people of other religions in Western countries. "We have the right to have a religion. Why should the government give us a religion that we can't accept as our own? If you ask any Muslim why they don't want to be the majority, they would say: 'Well, we are here.' " One of his friends in Australia has asked why he has never asked to live in another country. "I say, 'You know I'm not asking, but if you don't want to live there, I'll stay here. It's not because I don't like living here, it's because you don't like me.' " If the Australian government is a bastion of diversity, it is also a bastion of intolerance. Last week, the ABC broadcast a program about the uae girls growing number of Australians who have become atheists or agnostics, and the response from the political class was furious. Prime Minister John Howard threatened to shut down the television channel if any more stories on the subject were broadcast. One member of the parliament, Andrew Wilkie, said that any Australian who "will not stand up to the extremists who sex dating bristol have hijacked our country, the extremists who are hijacking our society, is the most dangerous kind of person you can have." The response from the prime minister was equally harsh. "We need people like the one who has just come to speak with us. If you want to speak to the prime minister, go to the office, and speak to him." Wilkie, a former Liberal Party minister, is an anti-abortionist and anti-same sex marriage campaigner. He is the chairman of the Australian Christian Lobby, an organisation whose stated purpose is to stop abortion. In the past, Wilkie has referred to homosexuality as a "crime against nature", as if it were a disease or a disorder. Wilkie is married with three children, but he sweedish men is a practising Muslim. In 2002, when he was still an MP, he became one of the first politicians in the nation to vote against a motion by the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights which criticised Australia's failure to protect children from abuse in family courts. He then went on to oppose any measure to increase the legal age of consent for sex with adults to 18. He has said that "gay marriage is a distraction" from the real issue, the issue of family breakdown, and has said that there was a "need" for Australia to get rid of the section of the Crimes Act that requires a parent to give consent before sexual intercourse is allowed with a child under the age of