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The UK is the only nation in the world which has a Muslim population which is a majority of its residents. The majority of the UK's Muslims are immigrants from other countries, some of which are Muslim majority countries such as Pakistan and India. Many of the new immigrants come from Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe. In total, 1,068,819 people of the UK's Muslim population live in England and Wales, 1,016,852 in Scotland, 982,817 in Northern Ireland and 668,839 in the rest of the UK.

According to official statistics, the Muslim population of the UK increased by 1.6% between 2011 and 2012, with the growth coming mostly from migrants. The most important growth factor was from North African and the Middle Eastern countries, followed by Pakistan, Egypt, Bangladesh and Turkey. In terms of education, the majority of Muslims have at least some basic education. In 2010, 56% of the Muslims of the UK had completed an undergraduate degree or above. This figure is slightly higher than the UK average, with 63% of Muslims in the UK having completed some form of higher education. Muslims make up about 0.5% of the population in the UK, but make up 15.2% of the prison population. That is more than two times more than the average of 0.1% for all people of all races. In 2012, a total of 1,000 convicted prisoners were Muslim. The UK prison population is the largest in the world, and the majority of prisoners are Muslim. It is estimated that 50% of all UK prisoners are Muslim. Muslim men are over-represented in prisons by a factor of two. A 2012 survey of 2,000 Muslims found that more than 80% of Muslims thought that it was okay for a man to indian matrimonial sites in canada rape a woman, while only 13% of non-Muslim Britons agreed. The majority of British Muslims believe the United Kingdom should stop accepting immigrants from Muslim countries and that Sharia law should be enforced. The UK is the only Western country that has accepted refugees from Muslim countries. In April 2012, Britain's National Crime Agency released a report showing that in 2009, Muslims made up nearly 10% of the country's prison population. Of the 876 prisoners, the majority (69%) were Muslim. The report was based on a survey of more than 1,000 Muslim inmates held at three jails across the country. The report found that nearly all of the prisoners - 890 men and 694 women - had an active interest in terrorism, radical Islam and violent jihad. In particular, the majority (95%) were concerned sex dating bristol about their safety from police or other security guards. The report also showed that there was a high level of interest in extremism, radical Islam, the Taliban and Al Qaeda among the Muslim inmates. The report concluded that the security services were dealing with a growing Muslim inmate population. In Britain there are several ways to find out if a person is Muslim or not. This list is of the most common ones. To test their religion, a person will generally be asked to convert to Islam or not. A conversion is done with a formal declaration which includes recitation of a Quranic verse, the affirmation that one is a Muslim and that their religion is the only one to be followed. This declaration will usually be submitted to the police or other security service, who will then issue the person with a 'consent order' the authority granting them permission to live and work within a certain geographical area. If the person then decides to go ahead and convert to Islam, the authorities will take no further action, and if they refuse, they will be arrested, questioned, detained and may be subject to some form of punishment. It can be difficult to prove one is a Muslim, especially when there sweedish men are many Muslim-sounding names used. In the case of some countries in the Islamic world, converting to Islam is more difficult and requires a court order. A person who has converted can be questioned by the authorities about their religion and religion of origin, as well as their previous life. This may include questioning if they have ever been married, or if they have had children. The authorities may also ask for proof of faith, including baptism and confirmation, if the person is not fully Muslim. In a few of these countries, the convert may have to take an oath of allegiance to the new state, and may have to swear they are completely loyal to the country. In some cases, the person must swear on a Koran. Many countries have laws prohibiting non-Muslims from converting to Islam, because they consider the conversion to be idolatrous. In most countries, it is not allowed for a Muslim to marry a non-Muslim unless he is an adult. In many countries, conversion is an issue that has to be dealt with on a case by case basis, so the rules differ from country to country. Although many countries have laws against converting non-Muslims, they are mostly based on religious beliefs. Many countries, including Saudi Arabia and Jordan, ban the conversion of women. The laws may also apply to men, as women are considered a part of the community. In some countries, non-Muslims must obtain a license from the police before they can enter. Most countries have a specific time that is the legal deadline for conversion to Islam to occur. It is not possible to convert to vivastreet pakistani Islam without a license or certificate. Most countries also require that all Muslims present themselves to the muslims marriage authorities on their arrival edmonton muslim and after leaving, giving them their passport.

In many countries, the police are required to question people in a non-Muslim country about their religion.

In some countries, the government will confiscate passports of non-Muslims who are suspected of being an agent of uae girls another country. These types of laws are the result of religious intolerance, and there is a great deal of ignorance about Islam among non-Muslims.