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For a edmonton muslim long time the majority of the Muslim population in the west was unaware of the existence of Muslim migrants and their sex dating bristol presence in Europe. The majority of people did not realise that they were Muslim migrants, just like the rest of us. However the Muslim population has since increased enormously, as a result of a number of factors, most notably the migrant crisis which has been engulfing muslims marriage Europe and many other parts of the world. We must now face the question as to what is the cause of this increase?

In the past there have been a number of different sweedish men studies which have been conducted in the UK in an attempt to discover the reason why Muslim populations are increasing in the UK. These studies have tended to confirm one another and often agree on one or two important points.

The first study was conducted by Dr. Muhammad Asghar in his landmark paper, " The Muslim population in Europe: the impact of immigration on fertility and migration patterns" published in the British Journal of Population in 2003. Asghar's paper was one of the first in which Muslims were included in the study and was the first to include fertility rates as a measure of population growth. He used the data from the 1995 to 2001 British Muslim population census. Dr. Asghar vivastreet pakistani was then able to look at how Muslim migrants were changing the ethnic composition of England's communities, and found that the Muslim population in England was growing faster than the non-Muslim population, at an average rate of 2.5% per year. The rate of growth is similar to that seen in Muslim communities in Europe, as well as among the immigrant populations of countries such as the indian matrimonial sites in canada Philippines and Indonesia, all of which experienced rapid growth during the 1980's. In fact, Dr. Asghar found that Muslims in England were growing by almost twice as fast as non-Muslim communities and by almost three times faster than British Hindus, and the same rates of growth are seen in the European Muslim population.

A lot of this is due to the rise of the Muslim Community in London. The number of Muslims increased by more than 300,000 between 1975 and 1997. In fact, over half a million Muslims have settled in London, and the figure has grown to more than 615,000 by 2001. Muslims were found to be the third largest group in the country by 2001, making up more than 20 percent of all British nationals. Of these Muslim population, there is a considerable percentage who are born in Muslim countries, but they convert to Islam uae girls at a young age, as they find that living as a Muslim brings in a sense of belonging and meaning. Many of these are also from the more liberal, but less observant aspects of Muslim life. Most of these people, for the most part, are educated, and are living their lives as Muslims and not as some sort of oppressed minority. As Muslims, they are being influenced to have more liberal and progressive views of gender, homosexuality, and the rights of minorities. This has been the case for many years in Britain. Many young men are beginning to express their sexual preferences in a more liberal way and have been doing so for quite some time now. In recent years, there has been a rise in the number of converts from other faiths. While there are no statistics on this, this seems to have been a trend. There were almost 9,000 converts in the last five years, compared to just under 4,000 from the Christian faith. While these converts have gone through a lot to convert, there have also been converts from other faiths who have made similar changes. One of the largest converts to Islam has been Ali Akbar. Akbar came from a family of Muslim immigrants. During his conversion to Islam, Akbar felt he was a member of his people and so began to read the Koran to understand how it applies to his life.

"After a time of reading and memorizing the Koran, I felt like a son of my people, I had a new respect for Islam. I realized that Islam could make me a better Muslim and a better person. " - Akbar Once Akbar was converted, he became one of the most influential Muslim scholars in the country. "He is not just a Muslim. He is a scholar. He is an ambassador of Islam," says Ahmed Haidar, a lawyer from the town of Kharbuda, in the north of India, about his friend, who was assassinated in 2005, in a murder that shocked the nation. "A man like him, he has given a lot to society. He had the right to marry anyone he wants. That is why he was murdered," he says. "He was an important and a good person, and he had a daughter. But he was killed for that, so I am glad that he didn't get married."

In India, as in Europe, people who are not Hindu may marry Muslim men. But if they have been married to one of their Muslim partners, they must renounce their Hindu identity and take on the Muslim name and identity documents (passport, driving licence, and a photograph). Many of the Indian Muslims in London say they feel that this is discriminatory. "This is something I cannot do," says Dua. "I cannot do my Muslim name, because if I do it, I would be taking the Indian nationality and changing my ethnicity to Indian. I can't change my name and I will become a foreigner."

She adds: "If I have a Muslim boyfriend, I will be doing Muslim work and I will do it in a Muslim way. I will not have any problems. This is not my choice. It's a family decision."

On the other hand, the Bangladeshi and Bangladeshi-American community is very different.