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The following list contains a list of most frequently used terms. If you don't like any of them, you can click on a word and see the definition in Vietnamese. The list also includes general terms edmonton muslim used in various sections of the site. Also, note that some words might be difficult to translate to English, and we have not attempted to translate every word here. Click the links to see the translations of each word. If you have any suggestions or corrections, please email us .

General Terms:

dong-huan (verb): The act of having sex. It is common among some muslim groups. As in: ( ร้งขตาร์) (ผะสางทู่วหนีมานไทย รวัดยประพมาย )

hmong (verb): A kind of alcohol, called "curry" in some places. It's made by mixing the juice from the mangosteen plant with sugar. In many parts of the world, it's a form of social alcohol or in fact, social liquor. You can get this drink at restaurants, bars or at street stalls. In the east, it's more widely known as "chopsticks" which are similar in taste to khaeng bwaeng.

I got this drink, called khaeng bwaeng, from a man muslims marriage who's name escapes me. I remember that he got it in a very small village called "Bui" in a province called "Nan" in central vietnam. Here's the deal. When you go to a restaurant or bar, the bartender or server will always have a khaeng bwaeng on the menu. This is a drink which, when drunk, allows you to meet all the girls. The guy will be the server and he'll tell you "This is a very nice drink. It has a lot of sugar in it and you'll feel like you're having a real girl's night, not a guy's night. I drink it because it makes me feel good. I like women and I want to have a good time." And he'll tell you all the right things about his girlfriend and wife. He'll tell you how beautiful she is, how good she looks, how she's always on time, how well he has treated her, how hot she is, how handsome she is. He'll also tell you that she's sweedish men his friend and it was nice of him to send a card. You know what he doesn't say? "Hey bitch, I got to take a shower and get ready for the show tomorrow night. I've been up all night and you seem so tired." You'll wonder how he got the idea that it was a good idea to have sex in the middle of the show when she was already exhausted. You'll see her as a little girl that was so excited to be with him that she let him in her room. Then you'll think of this story: What if the same thing had happened to you? What if I came to your house and I was dressed like you? Would you let me sleep with your wife? What if I said, "Hey bitch, I need vivastreet pakistani a job? I'm gonna be a real good sport, I'm gonna do your laundry, cook your meals for you, and help you clean up. And I'll even wear your new dress. And I'll make your night every night when I go out to eat. And if you want to keep me around, you just have to let me have sex with your wife." The idea of being that good would scare the shit out of you. I have heard this story so many times. It happened to me many times. I am not afraid to admit that I was scared. I didn't know what the hell I was doing, and my heart just wasn't in it. The one thing I learned is that if you are on a date with a girl and she tells you that she isn't into your religion, she isn't. She was probably worried. She may have even said this with a smile. But you should tell her she isn't. When you find out she is into your religion, you can start talking to her. But, in this particular case, I didn't do that. I had an ex who was very good at playing me, and she had a little black cat. I was afraid to talk to her, but I had this fear of saying the wrong thing that would destroy our relationship. I went back and forth between thinking it was worth it and not going. We talked once, I didn't know her, but the cat was still there and her friends were still around. She was good at it. When she got to know me, she would just ask uae girls me if there were any guys I could talk to and be alone with, but she didn't really show me her photos or anything to know that she was a good girl. I would think about it but I didn't have the guts to ask her out, and I was afraid of her friends, but I still had no real plans to date anyone. I wanted to avoid getting any closer to her because I was afraid she would be mad at me. So, I just never did anything. I tried going to the mall with her, but she just laughed and said she was busy and didn't go to a mall at all. She even said she didn't have any friends to talk to because they don't care about me anymore. But I still wanted to see her. She told me she would meet me at the bus station, and I walked her to the bus stop. But she didn't tell indian matrimonial sites in canada me her name or what time she sex dating bristol was leaving for her friends. She just walked. I thought she was just walking around to be safe, but I was a little suspicious. I called the bus station. No one answered. I called her. I called her again. I was still no answer.