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The city's own "Fashion Queen" and Toronto's first female mayor also hail from Toronto. But, unlike most people, both of them have been "favourites" of the city's own f-word (fag) for years. The first one's name is Aftab.

It's not surprising that Aftab, who went by her real name of Aftabah Bint Jarrar before changing it to the more familiar Aftab, is a well-known "fag" in Toronto, considering that she's been featured on the cover of Time Magazine four times in the last five years. In 2011, she even got the nickname "the city's fag of the year" by an Italian newspaper. (She won the title in 2013.) And even though she is a former fashion model, Aftab's current job, as director of edmonton muslim communications at City Hall Communications, is her main source of income. "I get paid for every press conference I take," she tells us. "I'm not going to go on about my personal life, but people know me. I know who I am." She even wears a hijab. And she is no fan of hijab-clad Muslim women: "Hijabs are like a symbol of oppression," she says, adding, "The hijab is not an indicator of religious devotion. They have to earn their way into this." Her biggest dream is to one day become an ambassador for the Muslim world. She is a natural for this type of role, but she says she is also an internationalist, not an idealist. She speaks to our reporter in the hushed confines of her office, but it's the fact she's not wearing a burqa that is making her uncomfortable. "I was a bit afraid because I was a woman, I was a Muslim girl," she says. "I'm not worried." But is she worried, though? "I don't think so."

And if a hijab isn't an indicator of religious devotion, then what is it? She looks at her watch. "I'm supposed to be at an event tomorrow." It's a Sunday. "Right?"

"Well, I'm really nervous because I can't go to the meeting, it's all happening in one night." She laughs nervously.

"I know. I know. How are you going to deal with all this?" she asks. "I've been here before."

She pauses and gives an exaggerated sigh. "You know what, I do. I know. That's why I'm here." She starts walking with me as she smiles.

I have never met a person so easily convinced that "the only way to be with someone is to make them feel that sweedish men they are right for you" and "no one is going muslims marriage to give you what you want" and "you're not going to find anyone like this in Canada." You know what, I think? I feel like they might sex dating bristol be right. The more I know about this place, the more I'm just going to say it: This is a real problem, and the more I hear about it, the more convinced I get that there's something wrong with this place. I have no idea how to fix this; there are no signs, no posters, no pamphlets and no signs of support for the people I know who can't bring themselves to leave. I can't count the number of times when I've seen a person's face, their body language, their words, and realized it was from the moment they came in to talk to me for the first time. It's like they have no concept of why they're in this room. It's not because they think it's a good idea, it's just that it's who they are.

I've heard that there's a small group of people who are "muslims by choice" who get offended when people refer to them as such. I'm not going to go into that, but I do want to talk about why they might have that reaction. It's all very well saying "I'm not a muslim by choice," but is that really good enough for people who believe they are entitled to their own beliefs and religious beliefs? I am a humanist, I believe that everything we do is important. That's what I believe, but do I also need to be subjected to the same treatment as any other human? I'm not a good judge of who deserves that treatment and who doesn't. I was once in a meeting where someone made a comment about how Muslims shouldn't be allowed to build houses in the city. The Muslim man was furious and walked out of the meeting. This isn't the first time that this kind of thing has happened. This is why I'm not sure why they are so upset. If this was the first thing they thought of when they came to the United States, I don't think they would be bothered. I've lived all my life in Canada, and I don't think I've seen anything like this. When you have this kind of attitude toward immigrants, this is what happens. You're the indian matrimonial sites in canada kind of racist that thinks that your country isn't as great as you think it is. People have already been saying this for years, but if you're going to start with immigrants, then why not go for white, middle-class immigrants? Why do you keep looking for reasons to say that it's racist when it's really just ignorant and racist? I'm not going to try to convince you that these types of things are not happening, and they don't need to be said, but it's important to keep in mind the fact that if you're going to say something about it, there are some basic uae girls truths that should be brought up. And you're a racist and ignorant for not being aware of these basic truths. In the end, I think that you're just as ignorant as I am vivastreet pakistani when it comes to this issue. In conclusion, I want to let you know that I do believe that you're an ignorant, racist, ignorant person.