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"The 'Islamic woman' is not a female body, and her status is dependent upon her man's character," writes writer and sociologist Amira Faghani. "If he acts like a gentleman and treats her like a daughter, a sister and a woman, then she will remain with him. But if he is a cruel, angry, and vulgar man, then she will leave."

Faghani's article muslims marriage was the subject of a provocative essay in the New vivastreet pakistani York Times on Wednesday, which suggested that if Islam does not reform, Muslim women will "grow up" and become the "victims of the Muslim man." It follows a similar article in the Times' Women's section, which claimed "the Islamic man" would destroy Western civilization.

The author of the Times piece, Jillian Kay Melchior, wrote, "The Islamic man isn't just a caricature of a man, a racist caricature of a racist. He is also an oppressor, a supremacist and an imperialist."

That was followed by a call for "radical feminists" to speak out against the "Islamic man" for "inhibiting women's liberation."

The article provoked a firestorm of condemnation in the Muslim world, with the Muslim Council of Britain calling it "intolerable," "disrespectful," and "unacceptable." "It is deplorable to call a woman 'the Islamic woman, which is not only insulting but also a form of double oppression, in which women are denied the right to be themselves and are forced to be submissive and compliant," the council said in a statement. "It is unacceptable for a writer to use misogynist language against the Islamic male." The council demanded that "Ms. Kay Melchior retract and apologise for her offensive article." A British Muslim man who spoke to ABC News about his reaction to edmonton muslim the article said, "It's so offensive and insulting, I don't know if I'm going to have a problem with it." He said the criticism was "inappropriate," "a little bit of a load of rubbish," and "not true." "It's not the whole truth," he said. "I find it insulting, because it's a very small minority. It is a small minority. And it's a minority that is very, very big in Islam." A few days later, a British Muslim who wrote a blog post called on Muslims to join a campaign against "the Islamic man." He wrote, "Islam is the religion of peace. We will not allow the Muslim man to divide the sex dating bristol word of God." That article generated thousands of comments in the British blogosphere, and was shared on Facebook more than 1.5 million times.

It is only this latest effort by the Muslim world to stifle and even destroy the freedom of women, and in the United States, a Muslim activist was recently sentenced to 2.5 years in prison after being convicted of child molestation. These are not isolated events. The Muslim Brotherhood is trying to change the rules to its own advantage by trying to dictate and control what the United States and the world must do or say. For more than a decade, the Muslim Brotherhood has been trying to control the media and media companies. They want to control all aspects of our culture and our societies. Muslim Brotherhood leaders like Prince Turki al Faisal, who was appointed by Osama bin Laden, are attempting to change our laws so that they can dictate the meaning of "Islam" and dictate what kind of behavior is acceptable or not for women and men. These groups are trying to do to us what was done to Christians in the 16th and 17th centuries when they tried to change the meaning of Christianity through the use of the Bible. One thing I have learned from all of my years of research on these groups is that they are trying to make our society like theirs: Muslim- dominated and ruled by their rules. To get an idea of what Islam is really like, check out these Muslim sites: Muslim Brotherhood's Muslim-controlled "Jihad" website (which has more information on Saudi Arabia and the Brotherhood's plan to change the world) and the Islamic State of America. The website lists all the things the Brotherhood wants to change (including how to create an Islamic society): The Brotherhood's website also says that it is "the global political organization that has been responsible for the creation of the Islamic state" and that it's "responsible for the oppression of women and the promotion of anti-Western doctrines such as Sharia, Wahhabism and Salafism." According to Muslim-controlled "Jihad" website: "The purpose of [the] [Muslim] movement in its current form is to establish an Islamic state in every country in the world that is ruled by Sharia law and that has no foreign rulers and all citizens have the right to practice their religion freely and safely without interference from other authorities, whether they be in the state, the nation, or any other place." It says the organization also plans to: "Create a pan-Islamic government in Europe and the rest of the world with Shariah law as the law of the land." (They have a few goals here.) This article talks about how the Muslim Brotherhood's website claims that their goal is to "reign supreme over the entire world of today." So what is the Muslim Brotherhood's goal? They have an agenda in life, not just in the land that they control. Here's what the website says: "We have set ourselves indian matrimonial sites in canada a clear agenda sweedish men for the future, one that includes: establishing an Islamic state in every country in uae girls the world that is ruled by Sharia law, and that has no foreign rulers and all citizens have the right to practice their religion freely and safely without interference from other authorities, whether they be in the state, the nation, or any other place; promoting the study and spread of Shariah law; promoting education in Islamic studies; fighting against all forms of terrorism and all forms of extremism, in order to promote the unity and prosperity of all human societies." The website's goal is to rule the world, and that means taking over every country in the world.