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The History of Muslim Slavery

Muslims' use of slavery and torture in the past had a major effect on the evolution of Western society. The historical record has shown that slave trade was the primary tool by which Islamic rulers established Islamic rule in Arabia, Yemen, North Africa, and the Middle East.

According to the International Slavery Index, Muslim slaves have played an integral role in the development of Islam in the past two thousand years.

In the seventh century, when Islam became a dominant religion, it took advantage of a loophole that allowed slavery within the scope of a particular religious law. According to the book The Islam of Slavery by J. S. Lewis, the Muslim caliphate had in place a "slaves-for-sale" system, which allowed Muslims to keep their own slaves while exporting other Muslims to other areas to take their place. During this era, the Islamic slave trade became so popular that it became one of the most profitable forms of trade in the history of the Middle East. There is a story that tells us how a slave came to be brought from Spain to Medina. The slave was originally a slave from Morocco. At first, he was sold to a merchant, but he escaped. The merchant sweedish men sent him to a slave trader in Medina, where he eventually escaped from him. The slave trader was captured by the Islamic Caliph, who was looking for another slave for himself. The Arab slave trade had a very short run of success. But at the time, there was also another form of trade. The Arab merchants would have had to find some way to acquire slaves. Some traders, like the one who bought the flirchi, used their own money. Others were more clever, and bought slaves from merchants. According to the Arab historian Ibn Ishaq, some traders would buy slaves in the Mediterranean, and take them across the Mediterranean to the Middle East. This is not to say that Arabs could not buy slaves from any place, but it is clear that the Arabs would have been more willing to buy slaves from Europeans than from African slaves. The fact that the slaves came from a different part of the world has a lot to do with it. It was not so much that the Arabs were looking for a more convenient source of labor, but rather, that they had a specific idea of what they wanted. Arab slaves were not just goods that came from another land. The Arabic word for slave, kafir, originally referred to someone who did not belong to the tribe in which he was born. The Arabs who controlled the slave trade, would have had a similar idea. For them, slaves were not just objects that belonged muslims marriage to someone else. The slaves were a reflection of their owners. This is an excerpt from the book, The Arabs and the Rise of Islam, which discusses the origins of the Arab slave trade. The following is a translation: "Arab slaves are a direct reflection of the way they came to be owned by the Arabs. " "To begin with, they were never owned by anyone other than the Arab rulers. As soon as a slave reached adulthood and had some money to his name, the Arabs would begin looking for slaves, and the Arabs started to acquire slaves from other peoples. "Arab slave owners have been known to keep a slave in their family. "Arab slave owners are known to give their slave free access to all the privileges of life that are normally reserved for the Arab male, without regard for his sex or sex organs." "The Arabs did not take the traditional attitude toward slaves. They were not held sex dating bristol to any social obligations. They were not expected to work, to do housework, to contribute anything toward the maintenance of the Arab state, to obey any law, to be anything but slaves. The Arabs owned and operated their own slave economy. There were no public markets where slaves were bought and sold." "This kind of slave system was established in the seventh century and continued until the end of the last century. In that time Arab slave owners, usually from one of the four countries that still had small slave economies: Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, and Yemen, had as many as 50,000 slaves in their family." "In the late medieval period there was a great influx of Arab slaves from Yemen. In the early modern period Arab slave owners from all four countries were engaged in a race to obtain as many slaves as possible in the first wave of slave-hunting that began in the mid-1400s." "The slave trade was conducted at different levels within each country. In Yemen, most of the slaves came from North Africa, from the Levant, and from Yemen itself. The Arabs in Arabia also imported some slaves from Spain and Portugal and sold them in Tunis. Arab slave traders who went to the Indian indian matrimonial sites in canada Ocean often brought slaves from India. It was generally agreed among the Arab slave traders that they were the best and most useful slaves. They were also thought to have been more docile and obedient than uae girls European slaves, and better able to work as a whole than slaves brought from Africa." In other words, Arab slaves were considered a better vivastreet pakistani choice for life, not only for being good slaves, but also because their brains were more developed and more useful than those brought from Africa. And now for the most important question, "What happened to all of these slaves? " " We still don't know the answers to that question. The reasons are many. It seems that they were sold to other countries, often to be used as slaves for military purposes, or in the service of rich merchants. And while edmonton muslim many of them might have been liberated or repatriated, many more could still be living in conditions that are intolerable and inhumane, such as slavery and child labor.