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"I am a Muslim who is interested in marrying an imam. I'm in my 40s, and have never been married before. I'm also not very religious, and I sex dating bristol have no idea what I'd find in the holy book to explain why I was looking for a religious marriage. So, my question is: can you tell me what a Muslim man (or woman) should look for in a spouse and what it is that makes a marriage holy and holy in the Muslim community?

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"I am a student living in Pakistan. I'm a muslims marriage Muslim (although I don't consider myself as such). I am interested in marrying a Muslim man. My question is, can you help me find my match? I'm from an English speaking country, and my friends from Pakistan say that Muslims are good at talking to their parents, and it's easier for them to convince their parents to let them marry the Muslim. Can you help me out? Thank you."

"I am a Muslim from the United States, and I was hoping to marry a Muslim man but I've been unable to find a suitable Muslim. I am from a family of four and one of them is a Muslim. I was looking for a match, and you have helped me out with your site."

"I was thinking that I could not find a man suitable for me, but after your site I have been able to find a suitable man, and he has also been interested in marrying me. I have only lived in the US for the past few years, so I am a vivastreet pakistani little hesitant to marry an American, but I feel I would be good for one another. Do you think it would be wise for me to meet my match online? I have never met anyone online, but it seems I have a match for me, and if I were to meet him I would be happy. Would I be able to see him and see how he feels about me? Thanks again for helping me find my match!"

"Thanks a lot for this site. I'm really happy that I finally found a match. I'm a Christian and I'm a bit shy but I have been searching for my match and he finally responded."

"My best friend and I are dating. He has a Pakistani background and he is the perfect match for me. I never felt like my Pakistani heritage was important to me before meeting him. We've already gone on many dates and I'm glad we have. I am very glad to meet uae girls a Pakistani who is so tolerant and open to the world."

"I'm very happy to meet such a nice man in my own country who appreciates the beautiful culture that we all share. I'm very happy to find a edmonton muslim good match and be a good partner to him and his wife."

"It was a very good match for me. He's a Muslim and I am a Christian, but our personalities are very similar. I find him very nice and respectful and very patient. He's a great guy to talk to and I'm learning so much about Pakistan from him, it's not easy to learn all this! It's fun to meet him!"

"My Pakistani friends and I have been chatting for years. He is a great person to talk to and has a great personality. We share the same religious views and we all respect each other. I feel a little bit intimidated by him and I don't want to offend him. But he's so nice that I don't mind and don't really feel uncomfortable."

"I was really looking forward to meeting him. I'm from India and he is a very nice guy and has a nice personality. We have the same views and respect each other. He has a lot of good experiences with Muslims and he knows a lot about Muslim cultures. He even teaches me some Indian stuff."

"The most surprising thing for me was that I got along with him and felt more like a friend than a dating prospect. He doesn't judge anyone's religion but has sweedish men some nice comments about religion. He told me about the good things that Muslims have done for humanity, I think this makes him a very good person to hang out with."

"I'm definitely going to find out where he comes from and see if I can find the same friend. This guy is so nice that he actually has a good life with good friends and people that care about him. He's so cool and I love his personality and he seems very kind and kindhearted. He has many good traits that make him a very likable person."

"I feel that if I would have found him, I wouldn't have even considered this person. But I am glad I met him. He has so much positive energy that he radiates and I'm glad I can be indian matrimonial sites in canada close to someone who can really bring out my potential. He's a really cool guy. I've learned so much from him and I'm grateful. I hope to meet him and get to know him. I hope that this person will be my best friend and I'll be happy with his personality."

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"I have been dating a guy from Saudi Arabia for about 2 months. We are on a long term relationship and we are getting married. He is also a wonderful man and I am happy to be a part of this wonderful family. My question is - I've been thinking about getting a wife from this world but I have been reading and I am still thinking of getting a Saudi bride.